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You should have all recived a video from me,

For any reason you haven't.

Our new location is:

Unit 1, Sandown Road Industrial Estate, Sandown Rd, Watford WD24 7UB

We have almost complete stage 1 of 3 stage move.

Stage 1: Paint, prepare and move all equipment as well as flooring over.

New equipment arrives (Hopfully arrived Monday.)

Stage 2: Once solicitors have finalised their part, renovations. Stripping out central wall to open up the space. Take the old ceiling tile metal frame down. - touch up paint.

Install new kitchen in the waiting/chill out room.

Open up doorway from waiting/chill out room into the gym.

Stage 3: New Hexagon lighting install.

Toilets & bathrooms installed.

(So yes we're going to have showers, just going to have to wait a few weeks I'm afraid.)

We're also interviewing physiotherapist, as we do have a treatment room.

Looking forward to the new space unfolding and you all being part of the journey.


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