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Sue has come a long way in her fitness journey from the very beginning.

She started being relatively unstable on one leg, and now she marches up and down the gym dumbbells in hand with walking lunges, and isn't afraid to load a dumbbell step up either.

Her kind, bubbly and positive nature makes her an absolute pleasure to have in sessions but she also knows when she needs to focus and get the work done. This brings me on to talk about sues discipline, when she books in, you know she's coming because she ALWAYS shows up for herself to get it done. She is one of our most consistent members as she knows how important strength training and keeping fit is.

Sue every time you look at me after doing something new or something tricky to say 'I've done it' I can't help but smile. You're awesome!

Keep being the best version of yourself Sue, we are here to support you!


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